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The labour and employment lawyers at Edmonton’s Forum Law have experience representing employees and employers in all types of labour disputes. This balanced experience enables us to provide our clients with unique legal insight into their individual circumstances since we have successfully represented both sides.

Our goal is to provide you with quality and practical advice cost-effectively. Are you facing an employment law dispute? Contact us today.

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    What are labour and employment laws?

    Our experienced employment lawyers can assist with any employment issue you may have, and is able to provide quality and practical advice in a cost-effective manner. We have acted on behalf of both employers and employees on a wide array of disputes, and we bring the necessary knowledge and experience to give our clients the advice they need.

    How does it work?

    With labour and employment laws encompassing so many differing cases, the role of a labour and employment lawyer can vary greatly. With this said, in many cases their role is to negotiate and draft agreements on behalf of employees, draft employment agreements, compensation, benefits, pensions and also to interpret the application of all related legislation.

    Canadian law officially declares the act of employment discrimination as any action or behavior that prevents an individual from being hired and/or retaining a position due to their race, age, religion, color, gender, disability and/or genetic information. If you’ve been discriminated against based on any of the following conditions, you may have a case.

    With all of this said, it is important to acknowledge that there is a statue of limitations on the length of time that you may file a complaint. It is vital that you do not miss the opportunity to protect your best interests and make things right under the law. Get in touch with our labour lawyers today for a consultation.

    Comprehensive Labour and Employment Law Services

    Not only does our firm handle commercial and corporate law, but we represent employees and employers in labour disputes under various circumstances. Whether you’re an employee who feels their rights have been violated by an employer or you’re a business facing accusations from a current or former employee, we are prepared to offer you compassionate and loyal legal representation to see your matter through to the end. We promise to work hard for the best possible outcome for you. Our services include drafting contracts and policies and litigation on issues relating to: 

    • Wrongful termination 
    • Unionized disputes 
    • Human rights violations 
    • Privacy complaints 
    • Drug and alcohol policies and litigation 
    • Contract negotiations 
    • Pension and benefits 
    • Drafting employee contracts 
    • Employee standards complaints 
    • Workplace harassment 
    • Advisement on employment standards codes and workers’ compensation issues 

    Our Employment Lawyers will help you understand your rights

    Utilizing your rights as an employee can be scary, especially when you feel intimidated by a company’s deep pockets and high-powered attorneys. The whole process may feel overwhelming and have you wondering if it’s even worth taking action. Our employment lawyers are here to ensure you have just as much knowledge and experience about employment laws in Canada as your employer. We will offer you practical legal advice on employment issues, helping you build a case against any wrongdoing during your time as an employee. 

    Did you know?

    The law in Alberta protects employees from an unlawful termination. If you believe you’ve been dismissed unlawfully or in a discriminatory way, Forum Law can assist you with getting your case getting started in no time.


    Services we provide

    Utilizing your rights as an employee can be an extremely scary and overwhelming process particularly when you’re up against a company with a much larger budget and army of lawyers. Fear not however, for Forum Law is battle ready and ready to defend your rights as an employee through the following services.

    Advising clients on employment law issues, including with respect to the Employment Standards Code, Workers Compensation Act, and Human Rights Act

    Human Rights Complaints

    Drafting Employment Contracts

    Employment Standards Complaints

    Alternative Dispute Resolution including Arbitration, Mediation, and Judicial Dispute Resolution

    Employment Law Litigation on issues such as wrongful dismissal, constructive dismissal, and workplace harassment

    Learn About Our Additional Legal Services

    Forum Law is an experienced legal firm in Canada offering a comprehensive selection of lawyer services in various matters. Our team of advisors has over 50 years of combined experience with a history of success representing individuals and corporations using our high standard of ethics. We hold ourselves accountable and ensure that all members of our team possess integrity and honesty for the best client experience. We work diligently to find the best possible outcome in every case, and we are prepared to go to trial to fight for you in any case that requires it. Our legal services include: 

    Consult With a Labour Lawyer in Edmonton

    Employers and employees will find themselves in situations where legal advice from an experienced labour and employment lawyer, such as our team at Forum Law in Edmonton, AB, is required to ensure they are rightfully protected. From drawing up employee contracts to unlawful termination, labour laws cover every important aspect of employment, such as individuals’ rights and standard company operations. Our experience has covered every scenario allowing us to guide you through the most challenging situations. Contact us to speak with an employment and labour lawyer today. 

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