Privacy Policy

Forum Law seeks to protect the privacy of any visitors to the firm’s website and any and all personal information that is willingly provided by users of the website. Any choice that a user makes to provide or submit any personal information through the website is deemed to be a choice made in the user’s sole discretion and that the user agrees to the use and collection of any information in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

User(s) Personal Information

When the term “personal information” is used, the data includes, but not is limited to, the following:

  • The user’s name;
  • The user’s address or email address;
  • The user’s telephone number; and
  • The user’s birth date.

Personal information would also include the same information noted above for any other individual that the user may be requesting assistance for or on behalf of.

It also includes any other sensitive or private information that is provided to Forum Law as it may relate to potential individual claims, class action claims or class member information. At all times, the firm ensures appropriate guidelines are followed when dealing with a user’s personal information.

Retention, Use of and Access to Personal Information

This firm’s website does not utilize any means of collecting any data or personal information from any user of the website. The only information collected from users of the website is that information that the user provides willingly through the use of a contact form, e-mail message or by downloading and providing a class action registration form.

Forum Law, confirms that any and all personal data or information that a user submits is governed by and protected under the Canadian Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA).

Any personal information submitted by a user of this website may be retained, stored and reviewed so that the firm may assist the user and answer any enquiries or to contact the user for further discussion. The personal information submitted by any user of the website may also be used to assist the firm in making a valued determination to allow for the furtherance of an individual claim, class member claim or class action lawsuit.

Any and all personal information obtained by the firm will not be divulged or released to any outside third party or organization unless specifically instructed to do so by the user. At times, the sharing of collected personal information may be necessary. Such instances would include, but is not limited to, the sharing of information with:

  • Any Co-Counsel who may be assisting the firm;
  • Any Opposing Parties whom are named as Defendants in a claim;
  • The Courts or any Court-appointed party; and
  • A Claims Administrator for the administration of a claim settlement.

Any personal information submitted through this website to Forum Law may be viewed, changed or removed simply by contacting the firm via email or regular mail by the user submitting the personal information. All reasonable efforts will be made by the firm and our law firm marketing agency to respond accordingly, subject to any obligations that the firm may have pursuant to the matter of law.

Any and all personal information submitted to the firm will be protected and privacy will be ensured. However, Forum Law reserves its right to divulge or make known any submitted personal information, without prior notice to the user in the following instances:

  • As a matter of or requirement of the law;
  • With the belief and good faith that the divulgence of such personal information is appropriate and required to ensure the firm’s obligations under the laws, legislation and statutes;
  • If required to deal with immediate or urgent needs; and
  • If required pursuant to a criminal investigation commenced by law enforcement.

Any and all personal information or data submitted to the firm may be stored and used as necessary pursuant to this policy or as may be required or permitted by law.

Collection of Technical Information

This website may also collect certain electronic or technical information about the user’s computer system, hardware and software.

When the term “technical information” is used, the data includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • The user’s IP address;
  • The user’s browser type;
  • The user’s domain name(s);
  • The date(s) and time(s) the user accessed the website; and
  • Referral web site addresses.

Technical information may be made use of by Forum Law or any of the firm’s technical services provider(s) and partner(s) to ensure the proper operation of the website, to ensure quality of the website, and for the obtaining of general statistics regarding the use of the firm’s website.

Protection of a User’s Personal Information

The law firm uses industry standard technology on this website to ensure any and all personal information that is submitted is secure and is protected from any potential loss or misuse. The firm utilizes measures to safeguard any information submitted by the user and various procedures and measures have been instituted to prevent unauthorized access and use of the submitted personal information.

Due to the fact that any data transferred over the internet cannot be absolutely 100% secure and that the firm has taken reasonable and effective measures to ensure the protection of the data, Forum Law is not able to guarantee that any personal information submitted to the firm is 100% secure and the user understands that any providing of personal information is done so at the user’s risk or own volition.

Forum Law does not, and cannot, accept any liability for the submission of personal information, nor for any third parties’ use or misuse of the submitted personal information.

Within this website, links to other websites may be encountered by the user. This may include links to the firm’s co-counsel on any claim where the collection of personal information may be necessary.

Forum Law assumes no responsibility for the practices and methods concerning privacy issues, policies or actions of any third parties to which links to the third parties websites may be found on this website. It is recommended that any and all users of this website who may visit another website through a link found on this website should ensure that the privacy policies on any third party websites are reviewed prior to the submission of any personal information to those websites.

Future Changes to Privacy Policy

This firm reserves the right to modify or amend the within policy as necessary and for any reason. Any user that continues to access and use the website of Forum Law, and where the policy may have changed since the user’s last visit, are deemed to agree to, accept and be bound by any future modifications or changes to the policy.

Questions or Concerns

If a user has any questions, concerns or comments regarding their privacy while visiting this website, may contact Forum Law at 1 (780) 443-0250 or by sending an email to info@forumlaw.ca

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      50+ Years of Experience